“Biz Law News” Who should read it?

November 14th, 2012

You, if you own a business [and size doesn’t matter!], dream about having your own business or just want to be your own boss.

Do I have your interest yet?

After 17+ years of having my own “small business,” and being successful, I know there are things happening around you that you should pay attention to – but life is so busy you never seem to get to them.

What’s this about?

Biz Law News will be short [I promise], easy to read and understand – snippets of subjects of concern to small business owners, people like you – and me. Things perhaps overlooked. Subjects you promised to “get around to it” but haven’t yet. Some items will be time sensitive, some will be timely, some will be timeless. And not all will be applicable to your situation – but each may make you a smarter and better small business owner.



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